Are you Struggling to Get the Emotional Support You Need for Mental Health Issues at a Cost You Can Afford?

Choose a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist who understands and fits your needs. 
Schedule visits 7 days a week from wherever you are comfortable.


Virtual, Accessible, Affordable, Counseling

with psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists

Choose a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist who understands and fits your needs. 
Schedule visits 7 days a week from wherever you are comfortable.

What Our Teladoc Online Therapists Can Help You With...

What Our Teladoc Online Therapists Can Help You With...

Rx 4 Mental Health

In Partnership with Teladoc

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Includes the entire household ages 13+

Plus $25 per session fee for Teledoc Mental Health Therapy.  No limits on usage.

Welcome to Rx4MentalHealth

Affordable, Accessible, Confidential, Virtual Counseling from Teladoc’s Psychologists and Therapists.

Choose a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist who fits your needs and schedule visits 7 days a week from wherever you’re most comfortable. $25 per session fee for Teladoc Mental Health only.  All others, $0 added fees. No Limits on use. No Contracts / Cancel anytime. Includes every dependent in your household ages 13 and above.

Therapists and Psychologists Available For Teens

Just $39.95 Per Month!*

Price includes the whole household 13+ and up! $25 per session fee for Teladoc Mental Health ONLY, all others $0 added fees. A low, monthly fee of $39.95.

If you are feeling alone or hopeless, we are your ON-DEMAND solution. You no longer need to be fighting your battle alone. We off ON-DEMAND, Accessible, Affordable, and Reputable Therapy with personal help for the ENTIRE Household

What makes this so Great?

You can access America’s lowest cost Mental Health counseling without having any insurance. Our program is not insurance and that’s good news because there’s
no pre-approvals or authorizations needed. After your low monthly fee of $39.95 /month for the whole household, with the only added fee being $25 for the Mental Health Visit with a Teladoc therapist.  All other services have $0 added fees. 

Did you know...

That 93% of people report feeling better after just the 3rd visit!?

No Risk, No Commitment:

We made this as stress-free as possible.  There is no contract, cancel anytime without penalty. 
Within the first 30 days, if you don’t enjoy the service for any reason, you can cancel and get a your monthly fee and enrollment fee back.  (Session fees paid to Teladoc are not refundable.)

Too Good to be True?

We are able to offer such a fantastically low price because we have partnered with our Third Party Administrator and Teladoc to scale our Mental Health Program nationwide to millions of Americans. 

How our Virtual, Online Therapy Works

Step 1 – Register through our Secure Enrollment.
Step 2 – You will receive instructions on downloading our app.
Step 3 – Set up your account & complete a short medical history.
Step 4 – Choose your Therapist from a wide range of experts and
                schedule your preferred time.
Step 5 – Meet with your chosen expert and start making progress.

Treatment For The Entire Household

  • Everyone chooses their own Therapist
  • Where and When they want
  • Confidential and Secure
  • $39.95 per month (*plus only $25 per Teladoc therapy session – all other services are $0 added fees).

Included With Your Mental Health Benefits:





Our Promise to You:

  • If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, FOR ANY REASON, you may cancel and receive a FULL refund for the $39.95 monthly fee ($25 session fee is not refundable).
  • There is no contract.
  • Cancel anytime.  No Questions Asked!

If you would like to cancel at any time and for any reason, simply send an email to [email protected].  Include your Group ID and Membership ID and you will be cancelled immediately without questions.  Your services will continue until the end of the billing cycle and then be terminated.

When should You choose On-Demand, online Therapy & Mental Health services?

You're facing anxiety or stress of any kind

You're having obsessive, intrusive or negative thoughts

You're struggling to get past traumatic events

You’re depressed or struggling to find joy in life

You’re going through a breakup, divorce or other relationship issue

Your teen is struggling

If You Are Finally Ready To Change, or Help a Loved One, and Get Access in 48 - 72 Hours . . . Then Click Below.

Questions and Answers

We have Psychologists, Counselors, Therapists, and Psychiatrists through Teladoc.  All sessions are $25 per session for individual / volunteer enrollment. There is no added per session fee for group enrollments. If you are looking for medication evaluation or help with ongoing medication management, please schedule a visit with a Psychiatrist (MD/DO). Psychiatrists are medical doctors who only prescribe behavioral health medication and do not provide talk therapy on our platform.

When you schedule a visit, we will ask you questions about your personal preferences and your needs as they relate to finding a mental health professional. You will be able to choose from a selection of providers who have been specifically matched to your requirements. Each profile will display information about the provider, including gender, language and specialty so that you can be sure you are selecting a clinician who best meets your needs.

Use the MyBenefitsWork app or go online to schedule your visit
Select “Mental Health” then choose your therapist
Pick your preferred dates and times for a visit
Your therapist will confirm the date that works best for you both.

Visits with therapists for therapy and counseling are scheduled for 45 minutes. Visits with psychiatrists for new evaluations are scheduled for 45 minutes, and follow-up visits for medication management are scheduled for 15 minutes. Based on the diagnosis, your provider will create a treatment plan with you and suggest the total number of visits expected for your treatment.

Following your initial visit, the therapist will provide their recommendations for your individualized plan of care, including how frequently visits should occur.

Teladoc MH disclosure: Mental Health visits are not available 24/7/365, but the Kepro Counseling service is available 24/7 for any acute issues. Mental Health visits will be scheduled.  All Mental Health specialists may not be available in all states.

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