The Staggering Cost of Impaired Mental Health in the Workplace

How Much $$ Is YOUR Company's Share?


Lost to Anxiety and Depression


The Cost to the Global Economy due to Lost Productivity


Due to Mental Health.  Even higher for Millenials (68%) and Gen Z (81%)

What Benefits You More? Helping Employees with Their Mental Health or Bearing the Hidden Costs?

The Mental Healthcare Crisis in America: Shortage of Mental Health Providers

  • Severe Shortage of Mental Health Providers, especially in rural and semi-rural areas
  • Lack of providers drives up prices
  • Wait times to see providers exceed 40 days, with many parts of the country at 90 – 120 day waits

The Power of Addressing Workplace Mental Health Needs

Overview of Program

Rx4MentalHealth At-A-Glance

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2023 The State of Mental Health In America

This article is published yearly by Mental Health America, the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all.

  • 24/7 Counseling Services
  • Teledoc Mental Health
  • Teledoc Physician Services
  • Health Advocacy Solutions


All other providers may be scheduled via the app or website and are held as phone calls or zoom-like meetings on a HIPAA compliant platform on an employees phone, tablet or computer.  We highly suggest allowing workers to schedule during work ours to encourage adherence.

We offer employer list billing and individual enrollments.

Yes.  The individual enrollment option is best unless you collect funds and have a list bill.

No, unfortunately it is not.

Our employer paid or employer shared contract is a one-year term.  

16th Annual Ohio Employee Heath & Wellness Conference - Survey Results

1. How much desire or need is there from your employees or your client’s employees for a mental health program that is affordable and accessible?

2. How much do you think an employee’s poor mental health or someone with mental health issues is affectng their productvity and relatonships at work

3. Please check off the barriers you believe are in place preventng employees using therapists when they
know they need one.

4. How valuable to your employees or your client’s employees would a virtual (secure video conference)mental health program be that included live therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical doctors for under $40 a month with no added fees and included the whole household (age 13+).

5. If your company or your client’s company wanted to implement a mental health program, what role orinfluence would you play in the decision-making process?

6. If such a virtual mental health program was available to the whole family for under $40 a month, who would most likely pay for the program?

7. How soon would you consider offering such a program to your employees or your client’s employees?

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