Matthew Minarik

           Matt Minarik founded Rx 4 Mental Health as a subsidiary of Restora Health, which he founded in 2018 after a career in marketing and medicine. 

           Restora Health is a telehealth company that provides telemedicine, dental, vision, advocacy and other benefits to its members.  Matt has always had a sympathetic heart for those suffering from mental health and after the pandemic of 2020 where mental health issues soared, Matt looked for ways to make mental health both accessible and affordable for all; thus was formed Rx 4 Mental Health.

           Matt grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area and attended The Ohio State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and later a degree as a Physician Assistant and then a Master’s of Science in Education and Leadership at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ.

           Matt quickly left medicine to join the family business in Direct Marketing in Washington, D.C. In the early 90’s, Matt opened his own marketing agency. Matt has used his scientific background, along with his out-of-the-box creativity, and the experience of some of ‘the masters’ to test and enhance traditional direct marketing methodologies, which resulted in huge response rates from his efforts. 

           Matt was President of Hi-Q group, which was National City Bank’s direct marketing agency where his program generated over $2 Billion in revenue for NCB over six years’ time. In 2001 Matt joined IBM, where he presented and taught his lead generation process in 23 cities across the US and Canada to IBMs Business Partners. Matt was then asked to be the National Instructor for The Direct Marketing Association on Direct Marketing.

           In 2010, Matt went back to medicine for 8 years doing Emergency Medicine and Primary Care medicine.  In 2018, Matt started Restora Health which was one of the first Virtual Direct Primary Care companies in the nation.  Well before COVID, Matt saw the power,  efficiency and need for TeleHealth.  Matt’s Master’s Thesis was on Mobile Medical Devices back in 2013 where he clearly saw the future of medicine. Matt now brings his medical, telehealth and marketing knowledge to Rx 4 Mental Health to the United States where mental health needs are at an epidemic level. 

Nancy Coveleskie

           Nancy is a life-long resident of Cleveland, Ohio, where she resides with her husband and two children. She earned her B.S. from Ohio University in 1985 and her MBA in Finance from Cleveland State University in 1988. She has been in the financial services field since 1988 and has spent much of her career focusing on retirement planning, wealth transfer and business continuation.  Highlights of her earlier career include developing a financial education program for the Center for Health Affairs, which was used for employees in the healthcare, for-profit and non-profits including such well-known employers as The Cleveland Metroparks, Moen Inc, and Cleveland Orchestra. 

           Nancy then worked with Blue Line Financial Services, a division of Cleveland Police Credit Union, developing financial planning divisions for CPCU and several area credit unions. In 2004, she formed Heritage Consulting Group along with a partner who brought years of experience in healthcare with him to the partnership.  As a result, has spent the last 16 years advising the healthsharing world, and creating unique products suited for their members.  Nancy has held her Series & and Investment Advisor Representative designations in the past, and is currently licensed for life, health, annuity, property and casualty.  She is proficient at finding the best ways to help people pay for medical bills, save for those expenses, save on prescription medications and more

          Nancy’s passion is in helping individuals to become better consumers, allowing them to avoid being taken advantage of.  She teaches them methods of maintaining and improving their health while preserving their wealth.  

          Nancy spends her free time horseback riding, traveling, gardening, hiking and volunteering for a local shelter.

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