When you improve your mental health, you improve your productivity

Sometimes you just need someone who’ll listen. Someone who really cares.

Sometimes things can get overwhelming & it affects your mental health. And that in turn affects your productivity at work. It’s hard to focus on everyday tasks when you’re pre-occupied with thoughts that get in the way. We understand, and we’re here to listen so you can feel better & become more productive again. We offer a comprehensive plan to help. Check out all the benefits. Sign up now. It’s risk free.

Try it today. 30 days risk free.

Only $39.95/mo; includes the whole family
Therapy was intimidating at first, but when you realize it’s just talking on the phone, it becomes easier.
Maria G
Teladoc has helped me begin to rebuild my life while letting go of the fear and anxieties that were holding me back....
Josh T.
I just want to let you know how great your therapy sessions have been for me. The bottom line is that my life is better!
Matthew M.
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