Your Clients Worry About The Cost of Mental Health Care

(they may not tell you though)

Do High Deductibles Keeping Your Clients From Getting Care?

As a Health Agent, YOU can Make the Change...

“The Second Pandemic in America is a Silent One: Anxiety and Depression.”

  • Mental health in the United States is a growing concern, with rates of disorders like depression and anxiety on the rise. Insurance agents can make a difference by offering third-party mental health coverage to their clients.
  • The problem with most insurance plans is that copays and deductibles make Mental Health visits seem like a luxury.
  • Even when clients can afford the cost, accessibility to Therapists, Psychiatrist and Psychologists in a timely manner simply doesn’t exist.
  • Rx4MentalHealth ensures access to essential services such as therapy and counseling, helping individuals get the help they need.
  • At $39.95 per month for the entire household, with NO additional fees for using the program, now everyone can afford the care they need.

Your Clients Will Have Access to All Four Much-Needed Benefits...


Available for acute situations 24/7. Let experienced counselors help solve personal problems 24/7. Discuss everything from crisis situation, depression, anxiety and stress, to struggles with family, work and substance abuse.  


Teladoc Mental Health provides confidential chronic care therapy on your terms with virtual access to licensed therapists with no per visit fee. Mental Health visits must be scheduled. 


Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away—anytime, anywhere with no per visit fee. With Teladoc, you can talk to a doctor by phone or online video to get a diagnosis, treatment options and prescriptions if medically necessary. 


Healthcare is complicated. Personal Health Advocates help you navigate the insurance and healthcare systems.  Untangling bills and claims, locating doctors arranging second opinions and much more.

All With NO Risk Due to our 30 day Money-Back Guarantee!

Rx4MentalHealth offers the robust benefits of a group plan in an individual product, plus the recognition of Teladoc, an industry leader for years.

  • Individual and group sales
  • List billing available
  • Unique url for agents
  • Agent and Agency contracts available
  • No insurance license needed
  • Residual commissions for the life of the membership
  • Increasing commission rates as active members increase
  • Absolutely NO customer service required by YOU

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